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As an emerging artist, Shelley was primarily under the private tutelage of artist and oil painters, Brenda Young, Sherwood Park, Alberta, and Master Artist Ron Hedrick, Kelowna, BC . Additionally, she spent many years in instruction of Master Potter Rita McGie, Sherwood Park, Alberta. She uses uses various mediums to express mood, pleasure and well-being.
"Daily, my eyes continuously take in and record the fall of light, the depth of shadow and the reflection of color. I could probably paint for decades with just the images caught in my head." Shelley describes herself as a very tactile person responding to form and texture in a hands-on manner and with a forge your own path attitude, painting and forming what brings her peace, solitude and appreciation in life. She is unafraid to try out new methods and colors and is constantly acquiring knowledge regarding her art and herself.
She follows her natural instincts and feels comfortable in nature and the outdoors and uses this as her reference point, drawing upon this passion in her work. Most of her work in pottery, painting and sculpting will originate from her surroundings and the impressions it has made upon her.
Artist Statement:
As a busy mother engaged in all aspect of my growing children's lives, I have become a very observant person. I have only brief periods where I can absorb my desired surroundings and apply them to my art. When I come across a situation where an image is making a strong impression on me, I immediately absorb as much as possible and store it in my mind for a later. When it comes time to create art I use these impressions to recreate the emotions that were previously caught.  I ultimately enjoy texture, light and the emotional response [...]

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