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I have always loved to draw, color and paint filling sketch books since I was ten . I adore sculpture and working with my hands.
My senior year in high school was play time for me. I took every art course I could.  I took just one class, The fundamentals of art in college my lame thought process was, if I wasn't good at all of it, then I was not a good artist. So my life went in many other directions...with no regrets but a nagging lack of 'release' always lurked in the background.
Then I had a glorious dream of me painting in watercolor of an amazing man. That one dream gave me incredible inspiration, a goal and an insatiable need to create.  Once I came to that understanding I began searching for that something I was missing. This led me to watch other artists paint,  absorbing what they say and what they do then interpreting it to my style...practice, paint, practice some more...
Today, I find watercolors a joy to work with especially if I am painting on yupo paper, a very slick plastic paper that gives a whole new dimension to the medium.  It allows wonderful fluidity into my work that I find very relaxing...always looking for that dream...practice and paint and practice some more...
And then there is pastels!! Ah, the love of my life, nearly pure pigment that I control with my hand!! How wondrous, how vivid and how forgiving! Practice and paint and then paint some more....
I was first introduced and transfixed by this medium during a family vacation in Las Vegas when I was 12. On the streets I stood behind many artists layering and sculpting beautiful colors in a stick to create vibrant portraits and soulful bodies of art. And so [...]

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