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  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $750.00 - $12,000.00
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Artist Biography
Sheila has been an artist (in one way or another) her entire life. She has lived and painted in Brazil and Florida, and in the vibrant art town of Laguna Beach, CA.  In 2010 Sheila dedicated her career to her painting making art her focus. Sheila opened her own gallery in Laguna Beach "Sheila Olsen Gallery" in May 2015-2019.  Her art has a residence show in Gallery 1951 in Laguna Beach, CA and Shows in Key West and St. Pete Beach, Florida.  
 Sheila has three predominate genres: seascapes, depictions of flora and fauna, and abstract expressionism.  All of her paintings exhibit vivid color and bold strokes painted with oil, acrylic and mixed media.  Vibrant blue, turquoise and green seascapes make one feel as if they're on vacation at the seaside. Bright sunsets painted in bold color show her love of the beach.  Palm and floral paintings give the excitement one feels on a tropical island or at the first sign of spring time.  Her abstracts provide a hint of the other genres but seek the freedom of departing from the real with a hint of figurative.
 Sheila’s flagship showcase was her own gallery in Laguna Beach, however her virtual presence and bicoastal lifestyle has allowed her to spread her wings.  She also exhibits art in Key West Florida, St. Pete Beach, Florida and almost a dozen boutiques, medical offices, salons, and other businesses on the South Coasts.  Most recently one of her pieces was purchased by set decorators for a hit Netflix show called "Dead to Me".  Her paintings have been purchased by collectors in France, Greece, Switzerland, Brazil, Canada, and throughout the United States. Besides painting, Sheila has always felt a strong commitment to giving back. She spent time volunteering as a teacher and infant caregiver in orphanages in Brazil and South Africa.
Her current focus is on health [...]

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