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Sheffield Arts consists of a talented husband and wife team creating art through their own visions and individual mediums – watercolor and photography.
Their relationship is the story of two creative individuals who have merged their love of art with their love for each other. They actively participate in the production of each other’s art through mutual support and encouragement. Art is an integral part of their life together.
Bunny Sheffield  - “Paint”
From early childhood, starting with the sparkly reflections of glass beads in the sunlight, Bunny (Okay, not her real name – nicknamed by her grandfather because she was born on Easter) has sought out the beauty in everyday things. As with many individuals, life created many detours. After various careers in teaching, social work, and corporate America, Bunny returned to school to pursue a degree in interior design. It was this pursuit that awakened a dormant yearning to create art that sparked her watercolor passion.
Although her subjects are varied, she specializes in nature and still life. By combining interesting plays of light and shadow with intriguing color, she feels that she has begun to find her own artistic voice through watercolor.  
To further refine her skills, Bunny has studied with internationally acclaimed artists Soon Y. Warren and Cheng Khee Chee, as well as nationally recognized artists Ann Pember, Margaret M. Martin, and Anne Abgott
Bunny is a member of National Watercolor Society, Florida Watercolor Society, and member and former Board of Directors of Broward Art Guild. In addition, she is Signature member and Co-President of Gold Coast Watercolor Society.
Don Sheffield – “Pixels”
Unlike his wife Bunny, Don long ago found his passion for visual art. Growing up, he suffered from a slight stuttering problem; so a major reason he eventually became a visual artist was that it was more effective to share his [...]

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