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Through experimentation, ongoing practice, and exploring the work and techniques of my influences I find that I am able to engage with art on my own terms. My work is essentially a revolt against unnecessary limitations, artistic and otherwise.
It is important to acknowledge the influences of African Sculpture, Native American art, and the many tribal influences on Picasso. Ernst, and their contemporaries, and also understand how this fueled Cubism. Dada's use of chance or accident and Surrealism's use of dream are also influences. Influences include Max Ernst, Paul Klee, Picasso, and early Jackson Pollock.
Oil paint or acrylic are often the primary medium with pastels, foliage, collage, aerosol, scraping, and numerous techniques added for texture. I push color, value, and form as far as possible while still pulling together a cohesive whole.
Born in 1973 in Pueblo, Colorado. Living in Australia 10 years and based in Bathurst NSW.

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