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“My paintings portray the cowboy and ranch life I’ve personally known.  My motivation is the nobility of these horseback men, my medium is canvas and a brush and by God’s grace I accomplish what is set before me.”
-Shawn Cameron 
Shawn captures moments in the lives of those who live and work on ranches today. Hers was a world apart.  From a young age she absorbed life around her filled with talk of cattle, weather, the smell of horse sweat and leather, the sound of hooves before dawn, the weariness of long days…and sense of purpose.  Problems presented were solved and lessons learned.  So… it had been for generations and remains still.  With no memory of beginning she continues to record and preserve ranch life as it unfolds, through paint and canvas. God gave her a gift of observation to capture the beauty of  fleeting moments that are re-lived by the viewer. They provide a window into a world she reveres.  Her subjects are real and their story is true.

   Learning is a life-long passion and the art world is an infinite resource. Although primarily self-taught, the mentoring of several prominent western artists helped her work grow and evolve into an a career that has spanned three decades.  She remains grateful to all but especially Bill Owen, for generously sharing his knowledge in many areas, for Joe Beeler whose continued encouragement and support meant so much and to Robert "Shoofly" Shufelt who opened a door to the world of professional art.
  Resource material is gathered on the family’s ranch of Dean, other family members and cowboys as they work.  These captured memories become visual references.  They are taken to her studio where they are studied, drawn, re-drawn and finally arranged on canvas.  
She is closely surrounded by critics for accuracy yet her goal is to grow in ability [...]

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