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  • Price Range: $40.00 - $350.00
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The Artist
This morning, as often happens, I awoke before dawn with a painting in my head and an urgency to paint.  My dogs must think it odd that I arise so early but they dutifully follow me into my studio and flop around my desk as I begin to sketch.  My sketches, generally based on places I know and places I find, form the first steps for my watercolors.  Transparent watercolor challenges me to create the painting in my head in the colors that awakened me that morning.
Artist Statement
To see the technicolor morning sky, the birds on the wire, the weathered tree, the puddle reflecting a bank of dried weeds, the deserted shack, the heap of what some might call rubbish are the kinds of opportunities that I watch for as they can become watercolor paintings.  Their shapes, their shadows, their colors, their mysteries provide the beginnings of my paintings.
The Family
My husband, with whom I have spent most of my life, and our three dogs are the greatest encouragers of my painting.

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