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I have always said that creativity is a little like playing golf.  One day you go out and have a great day and think "by George, I think I've got it", only to go out the next day to find you don't.  Creativity is a little that way - one day it comes so easily and some days it's a struggle.  Where does it go when it leaves and where does it come from when it comes back?  Make the most of the days it's there, and know on the days that it isn't that it WILL return.


I am a mixed media, abstract and encaustic artist.  I have been involved in art in one form or another for 30 plus years.  Earlier in my life I taught oil and painting classes, which morphed into painting murals and wall finishes.  In addition to working with designers and builders, I also worked with individual homeowners to create walls to compliment their tastes.  I also created hand painted wallpaper.  In the past 12 years I have climbed down off the ladders and taken a path that is not so physical.  I transitioned into hand-building pottery, then moved on to encaustic painting, mixed media and abstract art.  Because of my years of creating beautiful papers, I have incorporated these into my artwork, both in encaustics, mixed media and abstracts.

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