Artist Sharon Weaver

An example of fine art by Sharon Weaver

Photo of Sharon Weaver

The Artist Says:

I paint landscapes, seascapes and and cityscapes that capture the local color and atmosphere.

Collectors Say:

"We got the painting a couple of days ago.  We love it!  Helena again expresses her admiration for your skills.   I like the idea of having an award-winner on the wall.  I'm very impressed with how this is going for you!  You make it sound like you were born to paint."

"Walking through a gallery of over 100 works, we were immediately drawn to your contemporary impressionistic style. The light and atmosphere you've created in your paintings is so compelling. It is a joy to own one of your works."  
"Just too fabulous. I can't wait to get it in place. I will send you some photos as soon as we have it over the mantle piece. Thanks and I'll be in touch soon as I have my eye on something else. What a talent you are!"

Dealers Say:

"Sharon Weaver is a plein air artist who chronicles the places and settings she encounters in everyday life.  Her drawing skills are excellent and the way she paints natural light lends credibility to her paintings."
Jean Stern, Curator for Irvine Museum

Other Artists Say:

"Hangin' at the Mini Mart"--"Great use of texture and excellent design. The muted values and colors created the perfect mood for the scene." "Dana Point Harbor Boats"--"I loved the intimate dock scene, particularly the reflections of the two boats in the water. The colors in the water made the painting."
Frank Lennartz