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Art provides a means to express one's response to a world that is fraught with difficulty, unfairness, and danger. That response takes the form of a reminder of the natural world in which the seasons, the appearance of beautiful plants, and the birth of young give us comfort and hope in the face of the larger issues which surround us.
The art of brush painting itself is a meditative process in which time disappears, and one can focus on the present moment without concern for what comes next or what has come before. The mystery of the stroke reveals the inspiration of the painter. The essence of Chinese brush painting lives on in many cultures. The “qi”of a painting can be achieved when the painter is in a frame of mind which frees the heart to dance for joy.
I have been a practitioner of Oriental brush painting for 15 years, and presently teach at the Worcester Art Museum. I also work in wood block printing, in acrylics and watercolor. I am the coordinator for the Silk Road Art Guild.  This is a group of Central Massachusetts artists, who love Asian brush painting and are committed to sharing that interest with the people of the area.  My interest in the creative arts has been life long, but only since 1990 have I been seriously working and creating works of art. The longer I work in the studio, the more convinced I am that the creative process is essential for a life of fulfillment.   Sharon Smith Viles  
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