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For California artist SHARON SOBRASKE, painting IS her life!  She sees beauty and wonder everywhere around her.  Her use of color is in response to the bright colors she sees every-where in nature.  Sharon uses her intuition to convey what she feels and sees to her viewers. It’s important to her that others feel joy when they look at her paintings and she wants her art to become a part of their lives.
Although Sharon has been known for her bright, vivid acrylic paintings, she has currently shifted her focus to her lifelong love of oil painting.  Sharon’s intense sensitivity and innate talent for painting show through the atmospheric beauty of her landscapes in oil.  Sharon has also worked in watercolor and mixed media (collage).  In her 20+ career, the has had paintings in numerous juried shows, won awards, and is in several private collections.  She was also awarded Signature Membership in the International Society of Acrylic Painters and the Central Coast Watercolor Society.  Primarily self-taught, Sharon has studied with Robert Burridge, Roger Robinson, Tom Fong, John Bernard, Donna Zagata, Eric Peterson, Jeanette Wolff, Sally Tipman,  Betsy Dillard Stroud, Dale Laitenin and many others.  She continues to hone her skills and expand her horizons as an artist.
Sharon’s art can be seen at Park Street Gallery, 1320 Park Street, Paso Robles, California and Seaside Gallery, 580 Cypress Street, Pismo Beach, California.

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