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  • Price Range: $950.00 - $2,500.00
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I paint for the process and the product. I paint to bring alive a world of beauty and to relish the practice as an emotional, spiritual, and meditative experience. Painting clarifies my soul and strengthens the intuitive mind, brushstroke by brushstroke, which leads to the coveted place of standing in the present moment. When I capture light and bold color, I use my brush to express the light of the soul. When painting, I hold myself accountable to learn, strive, struggle, and work to see the beauty outside and within. When these energies are in harmony, color sweeps across the canvas and you can almost feel the awe of witnessing a sunset dancing across the water. 
I began painting at the age of nine on large sheets of newsprint spread across my kitchen floor, and I have not put down a brush since. I studied art at Rhode Island School of Design and currently have a studio in Boston’s South End District, (450 Harris0n Avenue, suite 402A)where I am a member of the SOWA Artist Guild. Throughout the years I have earned my PhD and worked as a psychologist. These loves of deep truth and seeking wisdom through personal growth, have always been in symbiotic cycle that enhances both my professional practice and my art.

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