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Sharon Marston is a fine artist from Southern NH.  She graduated from Maine College of Art in 1995 with a BFA Degree in ceramics.  Throughout her career she has owned a custom pottery business, has done freelance graphic design, metal smithing, art licensing and painting.   She has shown and sold her work throughout the country, but is currently focused on the seacoast NH area.  Sharon is currently the Operations manager for T.E.A.M., A non profit arts organization in Exeter NH. 
Sharon is always into something creative.  Most recently her main focus has been painting with acrylics.  She is consistent in her passion for texture.  The way things age and change by wind and weather are common themes in her work.  Her abstract paintings have textures that deceive the eye into thinking that the canvas is actually old weathered boards or cracked paint on a rusty metal surface.  She creates familiar themes with these pieces of texture on her canvas. Her work is bold yet serene with horizontal lines and easy colors. The work gravitates towards spheres and horizons, calmness and clarity.Sharon also works with metals to create unique and textured jewelry pieces. Many of the textures that are forged and hammered onto her jewelry reflect her painting style.  Copper is a favorite material of hers due to it's rich color variations and its impressionability.
  "To me, it's all related. The naturally created textures and colors in our environment are my inspiration. The intricate patterns on an old board or a windowsill that has been painted over and over again, all have a story to tell by simply observing the wear and tear of the aging process. Beauty comes with time. A story unfolds with observation. I lend my artful eye to the equation and translate the tales onto the canvas or into the [...]

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