Artist Sharon Grubbs

An example of fine art by Sharon Grubbs

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Sharon Grubbs finds inspiration in people and places throughout North Carolina’s Piedmont region. Her paintings range from traditional rural landscapes and images of local farmers, representing the area’s strong agricultural roots, to works featuring members of the many ethnic groups who have introduced new cultures to the area, even as they become an integral part of it. 
Sharon believes that through scenes of familiar locales and moments from everyday daily life, the viewer can find renewed appreciation for aspects of their home communities.
Her works grace homes and galleries throughout the South and beyond. Her painting, "Haitian Market Delivery", was accepted and hung at the prestigious National Oil Painters of America show in Ohio.  “Ready for the Ride" won best of show at National Fine Art Show at the Lincoln Gallery in Loveland, CO.  Another painting, " Carrots and Onions" won first place at the Cary Gallery of Art spring show, while “The Blue Scarf” was awarded second place in the painting division at Northwest Art League at the Wilkes Fine Art Gallery. 


I love to paint in an Impressionistic manner, bringing together a palette of vibrant colors with fresh, loose brushstrokes to capture the spirit of my subject. I continue to hone my craft; I never want to stop learning and growing. I believe I have been given my artistic abilities for a reason; and therefore, I have a responsibility to use my art to contribute…to leave this world something of inspiration to contemplate.—Sharon Grubbs
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