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"Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing.  Making your unknown known is the important thing" Georgia O'Keefe

Practicing my art is rejuvenating and refreshing, a wonderful escape - partly prayer, partly meditation, always an adventure.

I love the moments of happening onto the perfect brush stoke that communicates beauty and emotion, or  a color that makes my painting come alive and enjoy conveying a particular mood and moment, capturing dramatic lighting, the power and movement of the sea.  I like to paint moments that touch me and hope that emotion shows in my paintings - and that you experience a bit of joy when you view my work.
Sharon Abbott-Furze

Collectors Say:

"'We are avid art collectors, have seen many seascapes and Sharon's are our favorites, in fact the only ones we own.  Her paintings are alive and powerful.  We can hearing the crashing waves, feel the spray and catch the scent of the ocean.  We love our collection of her paintings, both the seascapes and two of her southwest pieces."  The Weinholds


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From Sharon...
"I love painting the beauty I see around me as a way of honoring and sharing those moments that touch me emotionally.  I paint for myself and really love it when you, my viewers and collectors get pleasure from my art as well.  My hook is always the way light and shadow plays over my subject matter and am fascinated with abstract shapes and color and how I feel about  what I am seeing.  Landscapes, seascapes, still life and people all have their stories and I hope that through my art, you feel what I see - and enjoy!” 
Sharon Abbott-Furze is an oil painter living in Vancouver, Washington.   Her work is expressionistic realism and sometimes heavily influenced with abstract shapes, inspired by people and their stories and the many moods of nature, particularly the sea.  Her passion for art started at a very early age - she used her Father’s linoleum knife to draw figures on the roof of their home when she was 6 years old - not well-received but didn’t stop her from continuing towards her dream.   She loved to draw but only started painting with oils for a short time in the early 1990’s.   Although she didn’t paint on a canvas again until 2013, during those years, she was consumed with her love of art, continually painting in her head, visiting art shows and museums and studying people and nature.   She started painting seriously in 2013 when she joined Primary Elements Gallery in Cannon Beach OR, has regularly participated in Cannon Beach art events and has been featured in their local newspaper.  Since the closing of that gallery, she has been represented by Cannon Beach Gallery and RJ Gallery in McMinnville, OR.  Sharon’s award-winning paintings are in collections throughout the United States, Switzerland, Canada and [...]

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