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Sharon Furner Fine Art: 
Offers paintings filled with ebullient color, energetic brushwork and abundant imaginative design. Sharon’s signature style offers freshness, originality and an emotionally positive outlook on life. Her focus is on color, patterns and elements of storytelling. She paints a variety of themes in oil, acrylic, mixed media, encaustic and gouache.
Lah-de-Dah Designs: features original storybook-style paintings that have been created for the young at heart. Bright, vibrant paintings for children are offered as original art work or canvas reproductions. Many designs are licensed through Oopsy Daisy, a California based business selling to stores and catalogues through out the country.  Original children's art is available through this website.
Where do the Ideas come from:  Sharon has had many wonderful opportunities to travel about the United States and abroad. Where ever she goes, her art journal, camera and sketching materials go with her. Other paintings are based on pure whimsey, lightheartedness and pure imagination. It is the best of two worlds, always colored OUTSIDE of the LINES.
Background:   Sharon was born on a houseboat in the San Francisco Bay. Her family relocated to Utah where the next ten years were spent in semi-isolation on a farm. This afforded her much time for reading, exploring the fields,  animals and gardens.  When not jumping off of high hay stacks,  she was drawing….Such as endless paper dolls! High school gave her an opportunity to take painting and drawing classes. She never looked back.  She graduated from the University of Utah with a teaching degree.
Sharon taught school prior to and after marrying. She and her husband, Howard are blessed with five children, all of whom are now adults living very interesting and colorful lives. The Furner's lived in many states through out the Western States: Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Idaho; the Midwest,  Colorado, Chicago; then to Gaithersburg and Havre [...]

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