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The Artist Says:

Expanding into plein air painting after a long career of portraying strictly equine subjects has resulted in a revitalized exploration. My challenge is to search for a means to inject my new focus with the expressive movement of my horses while maintaining the integrity of the subject. Engaging my plein air painting with a similar passion of not only the scene before me, but also conveying a sense of place. I endeavor to combine my past with the present to create a fresh emotional response in my artwork.
Four years ago management at the Saratoga Race Course asked me to paint plein air in the saddling paddock. Thus began a love and appreciation for direct painting outdoors from life.

Collectors Say:

"Your paintings are all thunder and lightning. I feel like I have to step aside of your canvas or I will be run over by one of your horses."
Dick Hancock, FTBOA Executive Director

Dealers Say:

"Your art is very emotional and portrays courage, heart and risk – much what you'd expect from someone involved and deeply intimate with all aspects of the horse racing industry." - Beth Fletcher, editor, Michigan Thoroughbred Magazine


"So the horse that walks around, eats grass, looks at the view and gives every appearance of tranquility was, in fact, designed by God to explode." - Dr. George Pratt
"They epitomize grace, athleticism and inspire dreamlike passion. Horses are also massively powerful and dangerous. I vividly portray this duality of their nature."  -  Sharon Crute

Sharon's father and older brother used to go to the horse races every Saturday at the old Narragansett Park in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. A horse crazy kid, she would pester her father, constantly begging to go with them. One Saturday morning her father reluctantly obliged with the condition that she would have to tell anyone who asked that she was 16, not 12 years old. At the admission booth, the clerk eyed her warily and asked her dad how old she was. Her father returned the stare and said “she's 16 years old.” The clerk sighed and motioned them inside with a nod of his head.
During that afternoon of racing, Sharon's dad brought her down from their seats to stand next to the starting gate as the horses were loading. With a great crash the gates broke open and a bell clanged loudly as the jockeys whooped and hollered to urge their mounts as they thundered down the track. The flashing colors, the sounds and the feel of the ground rumbling beneath her feet would be a pivotal moment in this young girl's life.
Because Sharon excelled in art throughout her school years, after graduating high school her father encouraged her to continue her studies in the arts. She received an BFA from Swain School of Design in New Bedford, Massachusetts with a major in painting. Soon after, she married thoroughbred horse trainer Michael Bray and would work as his assistant in his racing stable for the next 25 years.
With a wealth [...]

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