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I have always been seeking my creative spirit, doing quilting, scrapbooking, writing, sewing, knitting and crocheting but never imagined myself as a painter.  
In 2006 I moved to a town , Devon, Ab from Edmonton and decided to visit the Devonian Gardens just a couple of miles out, then decided to enrol in some of the workshops that they had, one being water colour.  While at this class I met a lady named Penny who introduced me to Gene Prokof of Pro's Art Gallery in Edmonton and I started to paint at his work shops.  I found that one I had talent and two that I loved it.  Since then I have attended my workshops and take weekly classes.  
I have taken workshops from Robert A Johnson, Andrew Kiss, Guy Combes, Sherri McGraw, Jonn Enerssen and Terry Issac to name a few.  Also Greg Swainson and Willie Wong in Watercolours.  I work on my own also dabbling in acrylic and water colors but mostly oils.  
My husband and I also build residential homes and I use my creative skill in the decorating end of them.  
I plan to take many more workshops in Phoenix and where ever else I find courses that I can learn from.
I  am proficient in landscapes, flowers and animal painting in realism style but am dabbling in other forms.  
I won first prize for my orchid painting at Edmonton's Orchid Society competition.  

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