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 Shari Kuhn is a native of Maryland and has been creating watercolor paintings since 2005; prior to this she worked with acrylics and other media.  She became interested in watercolor when she noticed and fell in love with how the medium highlighted the delicacy and transparency of subjects from nature, especially florals. She has always felt a connection to nature and is the most content when outdoors in her informal gardens or surrounded by the beauty of nature.  Whether painting mountain landscapes, nautical scenes, garden floral, or vintage buildings she endeavors to capture the innate beauty of the scene.
Shari grew up in a small, rural town in Northeastern Maryland, but for the past 34 years has called Frederick County home. She loves to travel to new locations with her husband and they always find beautiful scenery to photograph (see www.johnkuhnphotography.com) and paint allowing them to capture the beauty of the moment. Watercolor painting is a form of meditation for Shari and plein aire  painting especially allows her to connect more deeply with nature and her artwork.
Shari has participated in numerous Watercolor classes/workshops and has learned from each of her instructors. She was especially moved by a Russian instructor whose use of vibrant color in her paintings was inspirational. She has since strived to make her paintings ‘sing with color’ and doesn’t create her paintings as realistic reproductions, but rather as impressionistic interpretations. Shari also enjoys spending time reviewing videos and books by modern day watercolorists such as Charles Reid, Don Andrews, Skip Lawrence, Frank Webb, Tony Couch, Brenda Swenson, Janet Walsh, Joe Miller, Ron Ranson, and Tony Van Hasselt. Her paintings have been influenced by several of the masters to include: Renoir, Monet, Winslow Homer, and Andrew Wyeth.
Shari has been a member of the Delaplaine Visual Arts & Education Center (DVAEC) [...]

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