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Shannon Woodford is a professional artist living in Waxhaw, North Carolina with her husband and 4 daughters. She developed her love for art at a very early age, always with a brush, crayon, or pencil in her hand as a child.Throughout her education, including formal studies in Portraiture, fine art and artistic studies have always been her main focus. Shannon has studied under the talented mentor Andy Braitman and continues to  strive to take in as much knowledge of various mediums as possible. She has worked extensively with watercolors, acrylics, and encaustics. Her current focus is in oil and mixed-media on canvas.She describes her work as "Contemporary Impressionistic" due to her desire to capture the lighting and shadows in her subjects. She ultimately considers herself an abstract artist with her use of simplified, implied lines and brush strokes to convey her subjects. She loves to stretch her artistic liberties with the use of bold colors and lush, textured layers. Shannon draws inspiration from the simple beauty of everyday vignettes. Despite having traveled North America and Europe extensively, she draws most of her inspiration from her home state of North Carolina.When she isn't with husband Chris, or girls Laurel, Olive, Violet & Marigold, she's most likely surrounding herself with other artists to learn from or honing her skills in her home studio.

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