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In 6th grade, Shannon’s art teacher encouraged her to follow an artistic path when she saw a certain drive towards detail in her projects.  Soon, she was keeping journal after journal of drawings and sketches and immersing herself in the visual arts.  After continuing to challenge herself with each artwork, Shannon decided it was her dream to become an artist.
After receiving awards throughout high school for her art, she went on to study visual art at Stockton University.  Shannon received her B.A. in the Visual Arts/Painting & Drawing as well as a B.A. in Art Education.  She plans on going to an art university to take classes towards an M.F.A in the next couple of years.
More personally, Shannon is an elementary art teacher in a fantastic school district.  She also has JRA (juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) which got diagnosed when she was 3 years old in her hand joints, knees and ankles.  Shannon went into remission after 10 years, however it started to come back again in her right knee.  Her right arm has a  pinched nerve which effects her right hand, especially when creating art. Shannon wants to continue to push through these obstacles and continue creating art as long as she can.
She creates her artworks with oils, pastels, pencils and markers.  In her artwork, Shannon strives to create looseness and movement.  When she uses oil paint thick, short strokes are used to build up depth and texture.  With her pastel, pencil and marker artworks, she creates different shades and colors with scribbling marks which eventually blend together. 
Shannon’s artistic plans for the future include travelling as much as she can to document the places she sees through paintings and drawings.  Among these places, she has plans to travel scenic routes throughout the U.S.A. and would eventually like to create a book about [...]

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