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"... words cannot muster definition... So; I paint." ~ Shandy O's


Artist's Bio:
Rooted in colorful Colorado, Shandy Staab paints the life she lives.
Growing up on a horse ranch and currently co-managing Eternal Hope Equestrian Centre encourages Shandy’s artistic countenance. Paintings created with her own inclining's embrace the equestrian, agricultural and outdoor lifestyles; depicting horses and other domestic animals, wildlife and landscapes.
Instructed by her mother from the time she could hold a drawing tool, Shandy learned shading and light source at an early age. 
Her equestrian skills and artistic talents were acknowledged early on; from three National equestrian championships before age 10, to winning numerous art contests as a grade schooler. 
Since realizing her B.A. Fine Art and B.A. Economics degrees from Colorado State University in 2010, Shandy has continued to pursue creative evolution and education through self study. In October 2018, she won a Top 5 Award and a World Champion Title during the World Percheron Congress and was part of the Artist's Alley event, where she displayed over a dozen paintings, all relating to draft equestrian and agriculture.
Fine art and equine have been her life. Her devotion to the draft horse industry, and depiction thereof, she believes, resurrects a gratefulness to the past with earnest innovations. Her artistic outlook is ever changing; and creating rich purposeful art, has never been more at the forefront of her musings and focus. In the face of an otherwise severed eventuality, Shandy hopes her works inspire connectivity to something absolute.
"I'm deeply inspired in such a way, that few words can muster definition... So; I paint." ~ Shandy O's

She believes her strength, is the conveyance of emotive quality in all her work, be it a non-objective, abstract or naturalistic piece.
Shandy's works are part of Private and Corporate Collections across the U.S. with a concentration of collectors in Colorado who own multiple pieces. 

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