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   My goal is to demonstrate the ambiguity of life by capturing ordinary subjects from different viewpoints, thereby challenging the viewer’s own perceptions.
    What is seen in life is only an illusion and reality is meaningless. Images are reflections of the viewer’s inner sense and mindset.
    Nothing in life is stable and uniform. This defining characteristic of life is what I have challenged myself to demonstrate in my work. The uncertainty and polymorphous nature of reflections on water, can express my confusion and doubt about my surroundings.
    Initially I used to paint realistic paintings of nature or human portraits. Attending the fine art university and exposing to the modern art, gradually shifted my paintings towards more modern and minimal. Today’s world and my perception of life also stimulate this conversion. 
    The style of my paintings is a combination of realism and abstraction. My paintings feel real but at the same time I do this without focusing on details. This creates a dichotomy. Stylization of realism puts my focus on the subject matter and its depiction; whereas abstraction is the process by which I emphasize my personal expression.  My art allows me to distort reality in ways that reflect my own ideology, life and experiences.

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