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    I am drawn to painting because of its capacity to reflect the world I live in. Reflection implies clarity; however it is unclear at the same time. What is seen can be very different from what is perceived. Our individual experiences and viewpoints are manifested in our perceptions.
   The style of my paintings is a combination of realism and abstraction. At first, abstraction was like trying to love a book written in a language I couldn't read. Over time, however, this changed and I became more interested in abstraction to the point where it began to influence my perspective.
    My paintings feel real but at the same time I do this without focusing on details. This creates a dichotomy. Stylization of realism puts my focus on the subject matter and its description, whereas abstraction is the process in which I emphasize the formal elements of picture making and personal expression.  My art is a combination of these styles which allow me to distort reality in ways that distinguish it from photographs.
    My works are a reflection of my own life, beliefs, experiences, and goals. Art is an oasis of opportunities enabling me to utilize my innate abilities without any obstruction. 
    Reflection reveals the hidden realities. 

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