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  • Price Range: $500.00 - $1,500.00
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Founder and President Emeritus: Flo Kemp 
President: Irene Ruddock 2005- 2021
Vice President: Rob Roehrig 
Second Vice President: Renee Caine 
Treasurer: Anne Katz 
Secretary: Paula Pelletier
Recording Secretary: Patricia Yantz  
Art Exhibition Design: Eleanor Meier, Renee Caine, Flo Kemp and committee.
Photographer: Marlene Weinstein
Facebook: Marlene Weinstein, Paula Pelletier 
Website: Irene Ruddock
The Setauket Artists was conceived and founded thirty-nine years ago by artist Flo Kemp. It is a group of professional artists who are invited into the group to exhibit each autumn at the Setauket Neighborhood House. For the past sixteen years, the Setauket Artists have been coordinated by Irene Ruddock who has kept Flo Kemp's vision, but added some of her own.
Drawing artists from all over Long Island, the Setauket Artists delight in painting local scenes that evoke the beauty of the island. The artists wish to create art - modern impressionistic,  realistic, and contemporary work that display their diversity in subject and technique.  All works are collected by our loyal clients who can visualize the paintings enriching and enhancing their homes. This is art that becomes an important part of their lives,  a respite from the fast pace of life, bringing joy and peace every time they are viewed.  It is easy to see why Art for a Lifetime is the Setauket Artists' motto! 
Outreach:  We carry out our dedication to our community outreach by donating a portion of our sales to support the beautiful, historic community treasure - the Setauket Neighborhood House. Providing local children with art awards is another of our community goals. Our exhibit at Ann Marie's Farm Stand was a unique opportunity for us to share part of our sales proceeds supporting a much-loved community figure.          
Outreach for Anne Marie's Lexi Buynach Student Award Winner
Farm Stand
Distnguished Judges:  The Setauket Artists have been honored to have the following prestigious judges for our exhibitions : Antonio Masi, Lucy Taylor, Robert Cendella, Greg Kreutz, [...]

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