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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.SergioRoffo.com

  • Year Born: N/A

  • ARC "Living Master"

  • ASMA "Fellow

  • BoldBrush Signature Artist

  • Price Range: $1,800.00 - $40,000.00


Sergio Roffo, painter (1953-),
“ Early in my career I was inspired by the early American painters such as Albert Bierstadt, Fitz Henry Lane and so many others and still am to this day. I’m inspired daily as I walk on the shoreline of a beach or in the forest or the mountains when I view the light. It’s constant...you never stop looking. I try to convey a sense of relaxed calmness in all of my paintings. To capture that elusive essence that is nature. A moment in time. It’s a characteristic that defines all of my work. We will always be students of nature. Brush stroke by brush stroke, Nature calls us back to capture the mood.” Please see Awards page.
Sergio Roffo
 Sergio Roffo holds the honor of being one of the youngest artists to be designated a "Copley Master" by the Copley Society of Boston. An elected "Fellows" member of the American Society of Marine Artists,  an elected Art Renewal Center "Living Master" and an elected member of the Guild of Boston Artists.
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Sergio's work is included in many private and publicly owned collections. He has also been selected for inclusion in numerous publications, such as Fine Art Connoisseur,  Cape Cod Life, Down East Magazine,  American Art Review  and has  also been featured several times in American Art Collector Magazine.
Roffo was selected as "Artist of the Year" for "Pops By The Sea" by the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod. Sergio is represented in several prestigious  galleries, including  Quidley & Co. on Nantucket Island. 
There is something deeply meditative about watching Sergio Roffo put paints onto a canvas. Based in Scituate, Massachusetts, this master painter has spent decades rendering New England landscapes and seascapes with such precision that his works hang like windows, drawing viewers into the most [...]

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