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When I must have been 12 years old, about 1957, I was developing film in the upstairs bathroom, and had set up a rickety enlarger on the washbasin, with trays in the bathtub !  After our family home caught fire, my parents rebuilt most of the house, and I got a real darkroom, in the basement.  Along with that, I received my first "real" cameral, an Argus C3, 35mm rangefinder camera.  For 9th grade, I escaped Tulsa, Oklahoma, for the Putney School, in Vermont, where I had a photography teacher for the first time.  Later, at Reed College  in Portland Oregon (physics, philosophy), I had access to a darkroom in the biology building which became a refuge from Reed's intellectual pressure cooker.   Graduating, I went to San Francisco State College, for a Master's in Fine Arts degree, and studied with Jack Welpott, who introduced me to Imogen Cunningham.  I became Imogen's personal and lab assistant for quite a few years.  We went on field trips together, made a few memorable images, and I discovered some treasures while cleaning out her darkroom.  I tried my hand at Architectural Photography, that didn't pan out; a few years later I was back in San Francisco trying to break into Fashion work, ditto.
After many years of black & white silver-gelatin film and prints,  in 1990,  I started working with color transparencies, and exhibited some very large Cibachrome prints.  A year later, Jack introduced me to digital printing, and from  then on it was digital color prints, through a progression of various Epson (pigment ink) printers.   I have used many cameras – large format view cameras, medium format 6x7s, and quite happily a basic Pentax K1000 – I now use exclusively an advanced compact camera: I like the small camera, which is unobtrusive and [...]

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