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Scotty was born in Houston, Texas, growing up a typical child of 1970s suburban America and all that entails.  He had a very blessed childhood.  Raised by two loving parents, under the same roof with his mother being a very talented and creative spirit who made sure those qualities were encouraged and developed. That encouragement was further nurtured by the many summers and weekends spent on his Grandfather's farm in the historic rolling hills near Hempstead Texas.  This is a part of Texas where history is tactile and Easters are spent hunting eggs in fields of bluebonnets.  Breakfast is eaten, after chores, by the light of sunrise with the rest of the day is best spent soaking in the beauty that is God's canvas painted in a Texas palette.  It is from this foundation that much of his inspiration comes and that can often be seen in his floral and landscape paintings today. 
At age 14 he moved with his family to his father's hometown of Bloomfield, Missouri. Located deep in the Missouri Bootheel (the part that sticks down into Arkansas) near the Mississippi River, Bloomfield is perhaps the most quintessential and idyllic version of a southern American hometown that can be found outside of a movie cinema.  Growing into a young man here compounded and shaped his artistic viewpoint and also explains why he gets tongue-tied when he is asked where he is from.  
When it came to his education he was fortunate enough to have studied at Harding University, with plans to get a degree in architecture. However, his country called and he was among those that answered putting his studies on what he thought would be a temporary hold.  (Leaving Harding one-half semester prior to graduation.)  Seven years later after serving in the Persian Gulf and Bosnian conflicts he was Honorably discharged from [...]

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