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An artist all his life, Scott Turpin’s creative talent grew with every life experience! He has worked with a variety of mediums but finds acrylic on canvas is his medium of choice currently.
Scott joined the U.S. Navy as a draftsman (1988-1991) and was in the Middle East during Desert Shield, Desert Storm (1990-1991). He then continued his education, taking fine art and graphic design courses, earning a degree in Graphic Design before going on to earn a degree in Business Management. After a successful career in the advertising/printing industry, Scott made use of his business degree for a number of years, moving from art into retail and wholesale construction sales.
In 2011, Scott returned to his first love and is today a full-time landscape and cityscape painter. In recent years, he has also been teaching painting and has drawn the attention of several magazines. Scandinavian Press, an international quarterly magazine with news about Scandinavians worldwide, did a feature on Scott in 2017, and again in the spring 2020 issue of the magazine, when he was given a prized front cover introduction to his feature article inside. Both magazine articles for 2020 and 2017 are below. 
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