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Scott is a landscape painter who works en plein air (outdoor) and in his studio.  He has been interested in art as long as he can remember, and has painted in oils for over 20 years.     
Scott’s likes to find common outdoor scenes and bring out their natural beauty.  Viewing his paintings often creates a satisfying sense of familiarity from his viewers.   “So much of our modern lives is spent indoors” says Lines.   “It can be uplifting to be surrounded by art we enjoy”.  In Scotts view, images of the landscape are often the most rewarding because they are hardwired in our brains as pleasing and they allow our thoughts to temporarily “step outside” when we can’t literally do so.  
Scott is based in Highlands Ranch Colorado, just south of Denver.   You might see him painting alongside the country road, or in a park, or hiking through the Mountains searching for that special spot that begs to be captured in paint.  He can be contacted by using the “contact us” link on this website (www.ScottLines.com) or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]
Scott has learned from many great teachers and he really enjoys passing his knowledge along to others so they can create paintings that they like.  

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