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Scott is a multifaceted artist with a wide variety of artistic talents. He has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator, a caricature artist, a sculptor and had a comic strip for 10 years. Scott is also an award winning illustrator. A collection of Scott's artwork can be found at the Coyote Creek Studio Arts Gallery.
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Lived in California, Nevada, Colorado, Ohio and back to Colorado all before the age of 6. Colorado has been home ever since!
 Graduate of Gateway High School in Aurora, Colorado, Class of 1979 
Received two-year certificate in Commercial Art from Aurora Vo-Tech 
Graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree/Concentration in Graphic Design, 1984.
Art World Experience:
Graphic Designer/Art Director at Record Stockman Publications (Denver, Colorado)
Graphic Designer/Illustrator at Wilson-Lass Creative Communications (Breckenridge, Colorado)
Owner/Graphic Designer/Illustrator at Salamander Graphics (Breckenridge, Colorado)
Cartoonist of "Somewhat County" in the Summit Daily News (Summit County, Colorado)
Freelance Artist:
Graphic Design
T-Shirt Designs
Oil and Acrylic Painter
Plein Air Painter
Friends, family, and customers have always described my artwork as fun, humorous, and witty. Lucky for me, I create art with the hope that it will evoke a smile or laugh, so I guess it's working! I get more enjoyment out of creating something unique and fun than I do from painting a tree. Not that painting trees is a bad thing, sometimes it must be done, but painting a buffalo drinking a beer is much more my style.
Long before I began painting and sculpting, my focus was on graphic design. I have created logos, brochures, posters, and more T-shirt designs than I can count! Graphic design is something I am still heavily involved in and enjoy doing as it requires a lot of creativity, and as I have found, a sense of humor. 
I seem to have an endless supply of ideas and never leave the house [...]

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