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Each piece I create is about my being "in the moment,” about mixing the emotions that inspire me with that which is seen. My goal is to take the familiar and expand its color and energy to its fullest potential. – Scott Anderson


Art Center College of Design, BFA, Pasadena, CA
University of Florence, advanced studies, Italy
Scott Anderson is an expressionist painter, whose gripping, bravado style and technique are almost Baroque in strength and magnetism. As in all baroque art, images practically leap out of the picture space to overtake the viewer with power of assertion. Oblique angles and swirling arabesques enliven each canvas—Anderson’s brushwork, being nearly ‘cyclonic’ in force and draw. Here a flamboyant tree engulfs us with the fiery kinetics of a van Gogh; there a Torrey pine lurches and skews, its age-old limbs gnarled and battered by sea winds.
As a historic style, Baroque was virtually invented by the Jesuits in the counter-reformation of the 1600s. Its zeal and provocativeness as a movement were meant to evangelize the faithful to the Church and away from upstart Protestantism. Today, baroque imagery and paint handling are, of course, put to agency in non-religious themed works.
Anderson’s own work displays a remarkable mastery of thick, dashing, and dimensional oil painting applied via palette knives. He has been developing his skill in this ‘Romantic’ approach to painting since his childhood. The visceral quality that comes from applying oils with the knife is as deep as the look it creates on the canvas. Their wrist-swept, waving surfaces provoke colors with ultra-dynamism, transforming the painting as the active light of day changes. The technique engages artist and appreciator on a kinetic, emotional level that is decidedly more evocative and energized than most brush painting.
Anderson is also an accomplished ‘chemist,’ who fashions his own paints from [...]

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