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I love open spaces and wild places, so the landscape continues to be my favorite subject. Depicting the light that falls on it, in all its variety of  colors and intensities, temperatures and angles, is my constant challenge. Also my constant pleasure.
Although I have enjoyed drawing my entire life, I came late to painting, not beginning to paint "seriously" until age fifty. Having had no formal training, my development has been based on study, trial and error, and a few invaluable workshops, most notably with the amazing Sally Strand. Pastel has always seemed to me the perfect marriage of drawing and painting, and no matter which medium I try I am always drawn back to it. For depicting the endless variety of colors and textures found in nature, both in the field and in the studio, pastel has no equal.
No endeavor in my experience has been as simultaneously enjoyable and maddening as painting. However regardless of any frustrations, each time someone tells me that a painting of mine reminds them of a place they used to go or would like to visit, it sends me back to the easel again and again.
By Scott Jones 
I do not capture; I don’t express, or wax rhapsodic to excess,
On canvas, paper, or on board, in any manner untoward,
Or mix maroger till I’m faint,
I paint.
My brushwork isn’t virtuoso; my use of color only so-so,
My renderings are roughly rendered, and though not one work I’ve tendered,
Free of illustrative taint,
I paint.
Solid walnut drafting table, brushes of Kolinsky sable,
In flat and bright, filbert and round; costly pigments, finely ground,
Though my budget begs restraint,
I paint.
And though I’m conscious of the schism: abstract versus realism,
I tend to paint the things I feel like, and not worry if it’s real-like,
Nor shrink from subject matter quaint,
I paint.
But those from whom I’ll always part, capitalize the “A” [...]

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