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Scarlett is happiest when she is outside.  Her goal is to capture that joy in her landscape art: the feeling of blessed contentedness, awe, fulfillment.  Growing up "in the woods, by the creek" in China Grove, on the outskirts of Charlotte, provided Scarlett the opportunity to observe nature firsthand, to be awed by it.  As an artist, she has explored many different media and created original works in metals, stain glass, acrylics, watercolors, oils, pastels, clay, and charcoal.  Scarlett challenges herself to try new things often to keep her mind fresh and satiated.  Curiosity drives her to continuously explore new media.  Pastels are her current favorite.  Pastel allows her to use her hands, body, eye, to build the image in her mind.  The hunger for new experiences pushes her to go places, make new friends, and try new things.
Piedmont Pastel Society Marketing ChairCabarrus Art Guild Vice PresidentArtist StatementFor me, creating is a form of emotive communication.I grew up "in the woods", as I like to say;  down by the creek, in the creek, up a tree, buried in the leaves, painted in mud.  Being outside brings on an euphoric state that I know others feel, too.  Through my landscape art, I strive to communicate with kindred spirits.  To revive a feeling of purity, energy, connection, and the wonder of life.While someone looking at my work may have never experienced that exact inspiration, and, possibly, nothing like it, there is a dialogue between artist and viewer.  And, hopefully, an understanding and mutual appreciation of a place and/or moment in time.  We have shared an experience and wonder that approaches a fleeting thought, communicated through witness of the same emotion.Communicating with people reminds me who I am.  It is my relationship to others that helps define my being and my purpose.  My purpose [...]

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