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Having started out life in Connecticut but grown up in Canada, England, Switzerland and France, Sarita spent a good deal of time in her youth attending the requisite boarding schools. The little art instruction that was part of these curricula was rudimentary at best; certainly not fodder for a future career, but that didn′t stop her from always having a pencil in her hand and receiving many a reprimand for drawing in class when she should have been paying attention to the lessons at hand.

Sarita had wanted to paint for as long as she could remember. As a child, even though not particularly encouraged, her Christmas and birthday wish lists always were replete with requests for paint sets, and on one or two occasions when she was taken to the toy store and given permission to make a selection, it would be a no-brainer.   She would head straight for the art section.

Yes, she dreamed of becoming an artist, but was taught that this was a hobby, not a career. After all, one could not "make a living" in such a pursuit and so she was steered firmly into the business world. Those were the days when one simply did – at least a fairly timid youngster such as she was in those days did – what your parents told you to do.

So at the age of 22, well prepared for a "proper" career, off she went from London to New York, where she excitedly landed a job at National Geographic. Sarita was with that revered organization for a total of 34 years, transferring to the Washington headquarters after 15 and finally retiring as Vice President [...]

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