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Born in Fredericksburg, Texas (back when it was still a sleepy little German town) I spent half my childhood trying to get away only to find myself settled down not far from there. So cliched.The Texas Hill Country influences everything I do. I love the scraggly live oaks, the flint, the limestone, the heat, the cicadas whirring their summer serenades...
I’ve traveled the world over, lived in Dubai, Colorado, Washington, Oklahoma and visited a mess of states and countries in between. But nothing compares to home. I now live and work in Harper, Texas with my husband, two boys, five barn cats, twenty-eight (and counting) black Herefords, one dog, and a catfish or two in the stock tank.My art education isn’t much to brag about. I didn’t care for art school so didn’t stick around there long. Looking back, I can see how helpful it would have been to have continued with a program, but I can also see the beauty of going one’s own way. I like to paint what I like and how I like, regardless of what I am told is the right or wrong way. I flail a lot. But once in a while I paint something I am proud of, something that is purely my own without anyone else’s dominating influence.I use a split primary palette because I love its simplicity and the continuity it gives my paintings. I didn’t start painting in oils until 2004, but I quickly fell in love with their forgiving nature and their buttery lusciousness.
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