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Sarasvathy has worked as part of several prestigious assignments for the Ministry of Defence, Singapore as well as IBM India. In 2008, a chance conversation with her husband at an art exhibition, made her realize how much she loved art and she quit her job to devote all her time to drawing and painting. She found inspiration in Dutch still life paintings from the Baroque period and painted several still life works.
Over the years, she found she could extend her background in engineering to the visual art field as well, and apply the same meticulousness, precision and dedication to her art. She eventually found her calling in hyperrealism - exaggerated and vividly real food paintings.
In the initial days, she sketched and painted landscapes and still life objects, before starting on her current series which focuses on Indian food. Her recent works are a celebration of food from different regions of India in a hyperrealistic style. The incredibly detailed works capture the surface details, colors, aromas and textures of various food items, such as idli, dosa and samosa. Her art originates from a love for Indian cuisine, which is famous across the world and she feels excited and privileged to share it with a global audience of art and food connoisseurs.
The detailing in the images of her food paintings is an attempt to bridge the distance with the viewer psychologically, and create an intimate engagement on multiple levels, beyond the visual element. For Sarasvathy, the process of painting is an elaborate one with numerous steps involved that allow her [...]

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