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 photo by Leo J. Arbeznik

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE       ’82 Bachelor of Fine Arts: the internationally known School of Visual Arts, N.Y.C. ’84 -’87 Fashion Institute Technology, N.Y.C., and others ‘86- 2001 Interior Designer ‘95- 2001 Interior Designer/Owner S.L.F. DESIGNS Inc.    SHOWS Aug. 2003: DeGraaf Fine Arts, City Place WPB: featured artist “Tropical” gallery show Feb. 2004: Broadway Gallery, Fort Laud. FL: Annual South Florida Soho Exhibition (Group) Aug. 2004: Ninety Nine, Boca Raton Local Artist Show-Group Dec. 2004-5: Various local events featuring demonstration& discussion of my work (solo) Aug-Nov 05: FL Atlantic University Jupiter FL, "Translucent Luminous Paintings" SOLO w/demo.     2006: Winner, Dr. Martin’s Artist Contest ,”Walk in the Park “: Dr. Martins website gallery: 2 paintings <http://www.docmartins.com/pages/index.asp?pageTemplateId=1&pageId=701&level=3> 2008: various BankAtlantic Shows (Solo),  various group shows Dec. 2008: Molly’s Gallery -“Making Lemonade”,  SOLO Exhibition w/demo    TRANSLUCENT  LUMINOUS PAINTINGS    (Limited Edition Giclee currently Available ) High Intensity Transparent Dyes executed on Film,layered over a translucent background of collaged & glazed vellum papers or sheer fabrics; presented between 2 sheets of acrylic; mounted with specialty hardware to "float"  6-8" off the wall, creating a glowing ethereal piece. (No framing is used.) My unique medium was developed over many years of education, training, & experimentation.   PURPOSE To capture 2-dimensionally (in the Subtractive Color System) the emotion of how we experience a moment in life (an Additive Color System) by my use & exploration of color, light, transparency & water. This is a dilemma that artists have tried to resolve throughout the history of art. South Florida’s environment and quality of light is my perfect muse. I hope my work brings others the peace and joy I feel when I am painting, & reminds them of a simpler time when the wonders of the world were huge and their troubles small. ON THE BOARDS -development of experimental painting systems & Giclee substrates   Development of [...]

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