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In my formative years I was greatly influenced by my parents, siblings and  my grandmother. I have a photograph (circa 1910) in which my Grandma and her painting class were posed next to their paintings and easels elaborately attired in their 'Gibson girl' era dresses and smocks. Personally, I have always loved to draw and frequently did, but to devote time to developing other mediums seemed a luxury until age 40. Then, for 8 years I was mentored in watercolor, gauche and acrylics by Indianapolis artist Peggy McLahlan.
More recently, I have been influenced and challenged by artists C.W. Mundy, Quang Ho, Laura Robb, Lori Putnam and Dawn Whitelaw by way of workshops.  Instructional DVD's, biographies of artists, art review periodicals and texts that discuss the nature of Art in general add to a more developed knowledge that hopefully finds expression on canvas.
I have a BA from Cedarville University in Cedarville, OH and live with my very  supportive husband in Indianapolis, IN.  We have 4 adult children actively exploring and expressing  their own aesthetic.  
Artist's Statement
A turning point came in my life in 2012 at the AIS Master's Symposium in Indianapolis, IN.   Representational painting with Impressionist influence plucked a deep chord in my soul. I was in awe. The understated beauty and technical mastery was where I personally wanted to put down roots and grow.
When I am totally engaged in what I am painting I have a sense that God is guiding and using me to register some beauty and light on 2 dimensional stretched cloth via brush and pigment. So if I am not 'looking over my shoulder' and sidetracked by jury worthiness etc., I can paint unfettered and the outcome not only pleases but surprises me!  It makes sense that God, who has created light and the entire visible [...]

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