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The Artist Says:

Oil painting has flourished throughout history because of the unarticulated need in humankind to see a better world, a truer truth that could be hiding just behind the veil of the world they see every day. Within all of us lies a wistfulness to see the way things ought to be, beyond the way they are. I hope to provide not only a clearer, more compelling reality, but the lens through which to view it. It is a thrilling thing to create a painting that gives a mundane sight a new light, richer colors, and more compelling emotion.

Dealers Say:

Sarah Parks demonstrates her skillful talent to blend Impressionist elements with the Classical Realist tradition.  She brings a contemporary sensibility to classivcal compositions and subjects.  Parks’ polished brush strokes are softened by her natural palette. Her magnificent attention not only to detail but to surface texture is evident in her figure paintings.  Her figures are shaped by the accurate use of light and shadow.  Parks’ unique style only heightens the artistic experience with her visually beautiful masterpieces.

Other Artists Say:

"Your work is exceptional -- some of the best I've seen.  You should be teaching workshops and writing articles for magazines." "Beautiful faces.  I can't take my eyes off them."
"What a terrific portrait!!! So awesome. I like it very much. A first rate portrait and daring composition. You are painting so well."  Michael Shane Neil


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// Biography
As an artist, I’ve always aimed to blend Impressionism with Classical Realism, especially when drawing and painting the human form, which is my favorite subject. I feel this balance between styles is best shown in my ability to capture the form and in my use of light and shadow.
I like to think I was born to be an artist, growing up in an artistic family where watercolor, ceramics, and oil painting all cropped up in various branches.  So when it came time to earn my degree, what better fit than Art History and Studio Art magna cum laude degrees from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA? (Go, Monarchs!)
It was earning my degrees that exposed me to all sorts of artists and I felt a visceral attraction to the works of John Singer Sargent who I felt mastered that perfect blend of realism and impressionism. I’ve also been fortunate enough to travel, so visiting major museums in New York City, Philadelphia, London, Paris, Rome, and Florence continued to open my eyes to the sheer variety and stunning talent of artists throughout modern history. It was through this continuing education and my own hunger for beautiful art that I discovered artists such as Nicolai Fechin, Anders Zorn, and Joaquin Sorolla.  I’m inspired by artists as far back as Hans Holbein the younger and those still living today such as Zhaoming Wu.
In painting, I’ve observed how important solid drawing skills are to creating an excellent final work. It’s [...]

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