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Sarah Juschka is best known for her large and vibrant paintings. She uses a layering technique, palette knife and heavy bodied paints to acquire a life-like texture on her canvases. Her love of Aspens quaking, whispering and glistening in the sunshine, motivate her to capture the energy and delight that she enjoys daily. Living in the Heart of the "Rocky Mountains" there is no shortage of inspiration, surrounded by beautiful majestic mountains, wild flowers and families of Aspen groves. She also teaches and inspires students (of all ages) locally, online, in group settings, and one on one. Her collectors say that her paintings, "Bring them joy every time they walk by their pieces." Her goal is to momentarily take the viewer away to a special place through her creative works. Inspired by the works of Toulouse-Lautrec, Tarkay and Van Gogh.   

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