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Literally and figuratively, my paintings ultimately come from the soil—the source of the abundant flowers, bountiful harvests, and majestic landscapes that are their inspiration. The pigments,  many of them directly from the earth, are painted upon linen—once a plant. This abiding love for the soil led me to painting.
While market farming hundreds of species of food plants and flowers on a small farm in the California Gold Rush country, I stumbled across a well-worn copy of American Still Life Painting by William Gerdts. There captured in its pages were paintings that celebrated the very plants I cultivated and loved. Soon I found myself delightfully engrossed in drawing and painting tangles of melon vines and delicate tendrils of peas. From California to Virginia to the Brandywine Valley of Pennsylvania, collecting unique food plants and growing fruits and flowers for my still life paintings has been my passion while plein air painting is a celebration of the beauty of rural countryside.
Along with nature, an ongoing study of  painting theory, materials, and meaning is of profound interest to me. When painting, a part of me harkens back to ancestors who were painters and art collectors. This ancestral bond is like sitting under the mossy shade of a huge gnarled oak, where in just sitting, meaning comes unbidden and valued. To bring such depth to my paintings is always my intention; only every so often does its presence envelop me and all that was, still is, and for a moment the present is complete and the mossy path welcoming.

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