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Sarah was born in England, and spent many years traveling throughout, and residing in Australia, Territories of Papua and New Guinea, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Middle East, most countries of Europe, and the United States, while conducting a successful career in travel and business.  During this time, she also pursued her passion for art. In 1985 Sarah began formal studies in Germany as an apprentice to a renowned “Alt Meister” learning and practicing the techniques of the Old Master Painters.  She spent over 4 years studying and practicing these methods and stayed on for an additional two years assisting newer students and assisting the Old Master. She was honored to win the distinction of being the top student in the atelier for 1987 and 1988. Sarah still find inspiration in the study of the Old Master works.
Throughout Sarah’s art studies she has been excited about painting portraits – she is particularly intrigued by the depth and conflict often found in the expressions and eyes of her subjects.  Sarah believes that there is no greater challenge than to capture the “character and soul” of an individual on a two-dimensional canvas or paper in her typical style of Classical Realism with some loose passages.
Sarah won the nationwide “Call for Artists” put out by Denver State, to paint the official portrait of President Barack H. Obama, which now hangs in the Gallery of Presidents, Rotunda, 3rd floor, Denver State Capitol Building.
In 2019 Sarah continued the honor of painting the official presidential portraits by painting President Donald J. Trump, also to hang in the Gallery of Presidents, in the Denver State Capitol building.  These two official portraits are an honor and privilege for Sarah.
Sarah has exhibited art throughout her travels, and has shown and sold commissioned and non-commissioned [...]

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