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BiographySara Beth is a native of Huntsville, Alabama and lives with her husband Steve and their three children on the beautiful Monte Sano Mountain where her studio is located. Growing up in the south, Sara Beth developed a love for art at an early age from her parents.  "It was a blessing to grow up in a home where individuality, creativity, a love for God, for people, and a love for knowledge and nature abounded."Education Sara Beth received an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering in the area of Biomechanics from UAB. During a fellowship to the Netherlands in 1989, she visited art museums across Europe studying first hand the works by the great Masters. "I put much of my artistic pursuits on hold while receiving a PhD in Applied Optics and working at NASA. There was not much of me leftover during that time."  
Her background in the sciences has provided a solid foundation for her studies of art, color theory, and individual expression. In 1999, Sara Beth was finally able to pursue painting and drawing on a full time basis. Since then she has engaged in the study of art independently as well as by studying with many local, national, and internationally recognized artists. In 2005, she began three years of mentoring with Russian Impressionist Murat Kaboulov. Her style is influenced by her love for the great masters and the Russian, American and French impressionists. 

My Art JourneyCreating art is a challenge. It is a challenge to capture the beauty that God surrounds us, the vision God has given each one of us, the vision that our life's adventures impress upon us, and it is a challenge to make these simple tools give us something that sings to the tune of our heart. Art also gives joy in that it makes us view our surroundings with great consciousness and the more our lives [...]

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