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The Artist Says:

The art of painting is, to me, a perpetual journey of joyful discovery. Regardless of the subject matter of anything I paint, I am guided by feelings of awe as I look around – every day, everywhere. My heart sings as I gaze into nature, witness the exuberance of a small child, or encounter a lovely old building. I love to paint both in the studio and en plein air. My representational approach invites the viewer to share in the story of the painting and I hope my preference for brilliant color evokes joy within the viewer as it does with me.

Collectors Say:

The children, the elders, nature, and the entire Cosmos respond in dance, song, and even tears over the wondrous glory of Sandy Ransom’s works of art. Sandy’s paintings unite beauty and harmony, and inspire roots of empathy and visual delight that are soothing to the soul! 
Sarah M. Rowan, Board Member, Eden Alternative

Other Artists Say:

Sandy Ransom has the gift of understatement.  She combines color and form in simple yet powerful ways that lead us to new levels of appreciation and understanding.  This is art that can move the human heart.
Jude Thomas, Cofounder, The Eden Alternative


While Sandy Ransom currently lives in Austin, Texas, she draws inspiration from nature in a variety of places including the Rocky Mountains, the Texas Hill Country, upstate New York, the Hawaiian Islands, and any beach she can visit.  Her paintings, primarily landscapes, reflect glimpses of beauty that are encountered wherever she lives or travels.
Taught at an early age to appreciate the beauty surrounding her, she has always felt a special peace when out-of-doors. Her paintings bring that feeling to life. She paints primarily with oil colors, catching subtle hues to vibrant colors … each one telling a story and sometimes, a story within a story. 
She began painting in 2003 while studying with Lilli Pell of Wimberley, Texas.  Largely self-taught, she participates in workshops whenever possible and has been fortunate to receive instruction from Gay Faulkenbury, Ann Templeton, Bob Rohm, and Jill Carver.

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