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When asked where she’s from, Sandy’s answer is “I grew up in Florida." Actually she didn’t live there until 6th grade. Born in Pennsylvania, her father relocated the family twice before Florida. To Maryland and then New Hampshire. The one constant was her family's love of the outdoors. They camped and hiked as often as they could. Sports were a huge part of their life. Golfing, skiing, playing ball.

Sandy always had a creative side to her. She designed and sewed her own clothing through High School and College, even thinking of becoming a designer. But again sports took over and she started her college career with the goal of becoming a gymnastics coach. Halfway through the curriculum she decided to change to Fashion Merchandising and go the route of retail.
She landed in a chain store buying headquarters where she stayed and flourished for many years. When the opportunity to leave the corporation came up she jumped at the chance to take a new direction. It was then that Sandy made a big move to Aspen, Colorado. She stayed in retail owning her own business and then managing another business for many years. “It was the outdoor, healthy lifestyle that appealed to me - sports again," Sandy remembers. But the creative outlets she craved were tugging at her again.
That was when she decided to try painting.
“I chose watercolor because one - I loved looking at watercolor paintings in the gallery next to my store. And, I thought it would be easier to learn - how wrong I was.”
Sandy worked relentlessly at learning how to paint in watercolors and after only one year she entered a local art exhibit and won a ribbon. Two years later Sandy had her first show and nearly sold all her paintings. That’s all it took. [...]

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