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 In mid-life I experienced a brush with mortality, which would forever change the way I engage with nature.  No longer able to trek far into the wilderness on foot, I was limited to what I could see within a short slow walk, giving me time to fully immerse my senses and a greater appreciation for the beauty which can so often go unnoticed. 
I view the landscape as a visual symphony; complex, yet innately understood from within one’s soul.  Each major element such as a tree, rock, shrub, or creek is like a note on a musical staff.  Some are repeated in rapid succession and others are solitary and widely dispersed. There are passages in the scene which are painted quietly and slowly through the use of soft edges and abstract shapes. Other passages are louder and marked by contrast, increased chroma, detail and defined form. There is rhythm and harmony in this natural world and confirmation of the Divine. It is the song in my soul, which I translate onto canvas when painting a scene.
My primary body of work consists of small representational landscape oil paintings.  The majority of which are started en plein air, as it provides me with the best opportunity to observe and capture the nuances of nature. I then focus on finishing the painting in studio by reflecting on my initial response to the scene and making any necessary adjustments to recreate that feeling of wonder. Additionally, I draw on reference photos for more detailed larger scale works including landscapes and other subjects ranging from botanical to architectural.
Currently, I am working on a series focusing on the canyons and high deserts near my home in Santa Clarita, California. Within a short drive, I can step into an unspoiled environment.  What engages me the most in a scene [...]

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