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An Artists Prayer ~~                                                                                                My own prayer ~~   
   Let the beauty of  thy nature Lord,                                                                     Lord, I will do my best,
      Now be revealed through me,                                                                         And leave the rest to you.
That people may see thy loveliness                                                                     But, I need your help
     And praises sing to Thee.~~  By Gerhard C.F. Miller                             To do my best.  Thank you.
"A painting is a reflection of the artist's soul speaking to the viewer's soul." -- Sandy Askey-Adams, PSA
" I love to take walks with nature; and through my art, you are invited along on those walks to emotionally feel the spirit, serenity, beauty and poetry of nature ." -- Sandy Askey-Adams, PSA

Daylesford Abbey Art Show
   Working on a Demo painting at the Annual Juried Traditional art show.
   At the Daylesford Abbey Art Show ~ 2018.   Still healing ~~  a broken [...]

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