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My eldest brother was the artist, I was the academic.  He went to art school and had a career in art, I went to Princeton to study for my doctorate in French Renaissance Poetry.  My career followed many twists and turns including ground hostess for Air France, computer hardware design and development for Pitney Bowes and ultimately head of merchandising of computer hardware for MicroWarehouse, a computer direct sales company.  I retired early and was faced with what to do for my second act.
It was great fortune to find Bob Boroski who taught me to see and use whatever talents I had.  I had dabbled in oil painting before Bob, but had developed an allergy to the solvents used in oil painting.  Bob had me start out in graphite learning the basics.  Somewhere in there I found my calling.  Black, white and grey is all I need to see and create a vibrant world filled with people I love and animals I cherish, some of whom I may never see in real life.  Eliminating the color simplifies the visual experience and I usually further that by eliminating the distraction of cluttered backgrounds.  The art is in what remains. 
Now I spend my time drawing, reading and teaching English to newly arrived immigrants.  It's a fun fortunate life I get to enjoy with the man I love.
One last note - I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the generous photographers who offer me their photos to use as reference material.  An ankle injury prevents me from getting out and taking the photos myself - not that I could ever achieve the quality animal shots they do.  I am endlessly grateful to each of them.  The drawings on these pages could not have been made without the talents of the Chester Zoo, Terence [...]

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