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“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for.” -  Georgia O'Keeffe
As an artist, avid reader, and nature lover, I’ve always translated stories to drawings. The language of art has been a voice of communication for me, even with poor eyesight as a child. My first glasses for extreme near-sightedness were a revelation. At eleven I could suddenly see individual leaves on the trees and that my oldest brother had freckles. (How cool is that! Freckles!) How did I read with such bad eyesight? I was lucky. I never had the headaches others have told me they experienced. Instead, I literally had my nose deep in the books to focus. Did this early vision problem force me to study forms and recognize people from general shapes and movement? Perhaps. Still, today, I prefer portrait and figurative drawing and painting.
My husband and I, working together, completed college, built business careers, and raised our little family.  Like everyone, we struggled. We did the part-time thing for the arts that sustained us, his music and songwriting and my visual arts. The Watercolor Art Society of Houston (WASH, Texas,) was a wonderful find. There I did my first painting from life with a model. I held office as treasurer for a few years and have remained a member even today when we live in Tennessee. And our friends, life would be so bland without friends.
Creating is hard work and a joy. But, when you delay a career change, it’s really hard to turn loose and grab that carrot. With family encouragement to let go - become a fulltime artist (Wow! No safety nets!), I changed careers from tax accounting (which I also liked) to embrace art fulltime.  My family? Supportive [...]

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