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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.sandraquintus.com

  • Year Born: 1953

  • Sandra, a 3rd generation painter, is skilled, creative, and purposeful.

  • Sandra's work won her first top state award at age 11. Her art was first published at age 16. Her first mural commission was completed at age 20.

  • Sandra has won many awards from international judges. "Beautiful figurative work," stated Michel Nadai(1994 Master Artisan-MOF)

  • Price Range: $329.00 - $7,699.00

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The Artist Says:

"It's my love of people, nature, and beauty that moves me to paint. When I see the work developing, I get so enthralled! I can't wait to wake up each morning to begin again!"


Artist Bio:
Sandra Quintus is a 3rd generation painter.  Her grandfather was a Minneapolis based salesman who demonstrated avante-guard paint treatments. Her mother supported the family by restoring antiques, and always had an oil painting she was working on. She taught her daughter the principles of measuring and drawing.  Sandra was the child who was never without her sketchbook and her early efforts won her state and national recognition.
She studied art in college but, due to personal issues, had to quit school and go to work. Starting as a silk-screen printer at a local iron-on manufacturing company, she quickly moved into the art department, ending up as Art Director.
When she and her husband, a stone mason and building contractor, started their family, she stayed home to raise their four rambunctious children. She grew a large garden, raised goats and made cheese, sewed clothes, studied classical guitar, and learned to keep the books. Amid all that, she kept her brushes wet, volunteering to create murals for Kingdom Halls and working on commissions. On snow days she would get out the art supplies and paint with the kids.  And as they grew up, the family frequented local galleries and museums. They travelled to visit the Minneapolis Art Institute, the Met in New York, The National Gallery in Washington, D.C., and the Hispanic Society in Manhattan to see Joaquin Sorolla's murals. Her passion permeated every aspect of life, and passed on a love of art to her family.
When the children were grown, Sandra began to rekindle her full-time art career by getting training.  She studied extensively with Oil Painting Master Daniel E. Greene in New York and sought out workshops with other outstanding artists, like William Scott Jennings, and Paul McCormick. To play catch-up, she would spend evenings and weekends practicing her new-found knowledge, getting friends and family members to [...]

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